One woman feeds entire family on £16.60 a week

Blochairn Car Boot Sale was featured in this Tuesday’s Mirror Money.

One woman feeds entire family on £16.60 a week

Lorna Cooper buys meat and vegetables in bulk

By Daily Mirror  21 Feb 2017, 12:16

A supersaver has revealed the secret to feeding her family for just 62p a portion, whilst serving up homemade favourites including lasange, curry and hearty stews.

Mum-on-a-mission Lorna Cooper spends less than £16.60 a week on food – yet manages to deliver her husband and four kids all of their favourite recipes – thanks to bulk buying meat and vegetables.

Lorna buys all her meat from online food retailer – she pays £65 for one box – which lasts around six weeks.

She then supplements her delivery with fresh vegetables and store cupboard essentials often picked up from her local Sunday market – Blochairn in Glasgow – as well as promotions in Tesco and Aldi’s weekly ‘super six’ deals.

The penny pincher from from Paisley, told Mirror Money she doesn’t throw away any of her produce either, often using up often unwanted parts like bones, for stock.

It also saves her heaps of time, as she cooks all of her meat well ahead, and freezes it for weekday mealtimes.

‘I was surprised at how much I saved’

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